RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Rachel Parris

18 March 2020

Pukka Pie Ring

Richard is trawling the two days since his last podcast record for stand up material and predictably it isn't gold. But the lack of it being gold, makes it gold. As always. His guest owes everything to her last RHLSTP appearance, it's the multi-talented Rachel Parris.

She reveals how all her impro shows are all very carefully scripted and chats about collusion with Debbie Magee, befriending Anna Kendrick on Twitter, the whirlwind year she has when her Mash Report pieces went super viral and whether her 6 weeks old marriage is holding together OK. Plus Richard pitches a new podcast based on regret and Rachel reveals how she was hit by anxiety in the wake of her momentous year. She also gamely defends Leicestershire even though she's not mentioned as a notable resident of her home town on wikipedia.