RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Dave Johns

29 January 2020

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Woody Allen Lift Horror

Rich is at the Newcastle Stand and mourns the possible end of Pizza Express but celebrates besting Piers Morgan. His guest is bricklayer turned comedian turned fillum star, Dave Johns.

Dave takes us on his remarkable journey from Byker to I, Daniel Blake and beyond sprinkling the show with brilliant anecdotes about his brushes with A listers. Hear how Ken Loach ruined Dave's donkey ride business, how he was tricked by Homer Simpson, how he captured Lee and Herring's jacuzzi discomfort, misused modesty pouches, how he ended up sharing chips with Cindy Crawford and his disastrous gig to cross dressers on a nuclear submarine.

A great lesson in how to stay down to earth when success comes knocking, from one of the most popular and most cheeky acts on the UK circuit.