RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Tape Face

8 January 2020

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A Spice Girl Broke My Toilet Seat

Rich has had his lactose tolerant choices mocked at the supermarket again, but he will rise above it as he comes to posh old Richmond Theatre to talk to Sam Wills aka Tape Face.

They discuss the bizarre world where a child stalked a clown, how to clip through a tennis racquet, the accidental discovery of the character and who thought it up, the gamble of going on a talent show and how it might have just paid off, living and working in Las Vegas, taking props through airport security and the controversy over the cloning of Tape Face. Plus the best kind of tape to use and instructions on how to apply it to your mouth. Richard realised his Boss Cat error after this recording, but to be fair the audience were given the chance to correct him and failed him, so it's their fault.