RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Mark Olver

1 January 2020

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Richard is back at the Bristol Old Vic and is just happy to be no longer in Leicester, but what is Bristol famous for? You'll find out. His guest is legendary Bristol comedian Mark Olver.

He discusses how his dad failed to catch a bungee jumper, living with Bristol's most famous comedians, his move into TV Warm Up and his favourite ever Pointless (non-) player, how he has to carry on performing through vomit, horses and injury, how his birthplace has nothing going for it apart from ice cream and how best to describe the low-point of Richard's career. A brilliantly entertaining hour from one of Bristol's most modest sons, with a lot of material that will appeal to people who live within the environs of the city and are particularly interested in the road works of September 2019.