RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Shaun Williamson

13 November 2019

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Joke Thief

RHLSTP comes to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, a town divided by what should happen to the local takeaway shop, but with an audience smart enough to get a Thomas a Beckett joke. The guest this week is sometimes known as dopey Barry from Eastenders, but is actually the quiz champion smartypants Shaun Williamson.

They discuss how Shaun went from boozy postman via incompetent Navy recruit to getting more people watching his wedding than a royal. Plus how Shaun failed to convince as a woman, what happened when Ricky Gervais made the call about Extras, hiding in a cupboard from Mike Reid, working with Al Murray and did he slip or was he pushed?. Find out which of Shaun and Richard is the best at Pointless and Prince Andrew gets a couple of mentions.