RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Ed Gamble

23 October 2019

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Back, Sack and Crack Salon

Rich has a terrible confession to make about this podcast, which somehow shocks and appals his audience, but there will be plenty more appalling stuff to come as he introduces the diabetic comedian, Ed Gamble.

Giddy from hunger, tiredness and having to behave properly for last week's podcast, Rich is the drunkest he's been in 2019 (even though he still hasn't drunk a drop) and the podcast spirals in some unexpected and bizarre directions involving dabbling with pubic management, which five diseases should be cured by the Disease Genie, double diabetes, Biblical analysis and the signs of mental breakdown. Rich fancies a sleep halfway through, but bravely mainly continues to talk and to be honest, has little to no memory of what happened in the last twenty minutes, so that can be as much a surprise to him as it is to you.