RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Russell Howard

2 October 2019

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One Day This Could All Be Yours

We're at the swanky King's Place in King's Cross (with a few teething troubles with the radio mics- sorry audiophiles) for the next few weeks and Rich is amazed at people reviewing the queue to Platform 9 and 3/4 at the nearby station, but his guest is the bachelor comedian (for the next 3 days) Russell Howard.

They discuss footballing comedians, how Rich might be Russell's Willy Wonka, how Russell's got his first willy wonka, the difficulty of playing yourself when surrounded by brilliant actors, the real story behind Richard's dismissal from 'Good News' (it might not have been the Haribo at all), giving proper credit to writers, what it's like to perform at an arena (or be in the audience if you're Richard), an unhappy year at Bedford Modern School, Richard's mental health, how to hire Russell Howard for £12 and whether chairs made out of newspapers are a good idea.