RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Mark Charnock and Dominic Brunt

11 September 2019

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Emmerdale Farm

There's a weird giddy atmosphere in the room at the Leeds City Varieties, but you'll have to try and use the clues in this podcast to piece together what you think might have happened, because this week the guests are the supremely polite and sensible Mark and Dominic (aka Marlon and Paddy from Emmerdale Farm).

They chat about how to not let fame go to your head, the snobbishness directed at soap actors, Mark being Richard's number one celebrity fan, what Julia Mackenzie thought of Richard's acting skills, Dominic's other life as a film director and what the Attack of the Adult Babies is all about, Zombie nights, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and much much more. Remember if you want to see the podcasts uncut, even the ones that we're not able to broadcast, you have to come and see us LIVE! The people of Leeds will never forget this night!