RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Thom Tuck & Tom Rosenthal

24 August 2019

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A Noble Failure

Rich has a visual surprise for his audience (and for you if you haven't looked at the picture yet, that will infuriate his wife. His guests are stereo philosophy graduate T(h)oms, Tuck and Rosenthal. With TT the discussion turns to International schools, the meaning of life, straight to DVD Disney films and putting Macbeth on in an hour with two performers. With TR they chat about Jim Rosenthal ability to stop Hitler, how to get a free mug with your name on, why some men can't grow facial hair and there's a funny, though also serious chat about the penis and whether all of it is essential.
Info on Tom Rosenthal's tour here - https://www.tomrosenthal.net/
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