RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Bryony Kimmings and Arabella Weir

16 August 2019

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Richard is awaiting imminent arrest for the crime of trying to educate women about their bodies. He welcomes guests Bryony Kimmings and Arabella Weir. With Bryony he talks about her amazing show I'm a Phoenix, Bitch, leaking inner critics, how to write a film with Emma Thompson, glitter ball performance artists and whether he can get an arts council grant for stone clearing.

With Arabella they chat about her show about her mother, being the first female Doctor, having David Tennant as a lodger, how the Fast Show cast came together, whether her Scottish accent cuts the mustard and they both fail to remember stuff about Bonjour la Classe effectively. Her bum did not look big in the throne.

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