RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Richard Osman

14 August 2019

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The Oldest Person In Scotland

Richard has hopefully the definitive list of what people should avoid putting inside their chuffs and maybe we can leave that behind now - HIs guest will finally reveal what nationality he is - it's TV's Richard Osman. There is some discussion of who from Lee and Herring has had the more successful career (no spoilers) and whether there is any danger of a Slattery style breakdown from doing too many episodes of Pointless, whether House of Games will ever offer psychological training, how to get into the dying medium of TV and what is an appropriate height differential for lovers.. Plus why is the Express obsessed with Osman? Is he gay? And a also a brand new quiz show for Herring to lose, played live in front of and then involving the audience? It's the only Edinburgh RHLSTP with one guest, but he's the size of two guests

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