RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Lucy Beaumont + Scummy Mummies

3 August 2019

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Screw You William Wilberforce. What Did You Ever Achieve?

Richard can't believe that he forgot to tell you about the supernatural thing that happened backstage at the Masonic Lodge yesterday, though surely scarier things have happened here. No matter because he's got a brilliant line-up of guests: Lucy Beaumont and the Scummy Mummies. He talks to Lucy about Hull and Pocklington, sexual super powers, the candour of Maureen Lipman, encounters with ghost animals and alien balloons, the living Hell of marriage and children and ingesting your twin in utero. The Scummy Mummies discuss their fabulous podcast, Sophie Ellis-Bextor's frustrating inability to have a female child, the infamous rivalry between Jossy's Giants and Rentaghost, why it's better to come to the Fringe without your kids and the impressive number of shows they've already seen.

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