RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Laura Lexx + Tony Law

2 August 2019

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Can Men Be Funny?

The King of Edinburgh is back for his 25th Fringe, though he is feeling under the weather thanks to his bloody stupid decision to breed and his possibly hubristic decision to play a 400 seater venue. But never mind he's got two of the Festival's most interesting acts to kick off this cavalcade of 21 podcasts in 24 days, Laura Lexx and Tony Law. Two guests on the same day? What? With Laura there's discussion about ice lollies, whether global warming is a more pressing issue than Brexit, the repercussions of the Edinburgh accommodation crisis, defective chocolate bars and Johnny machines. And Tony chats about the contrasting previous appearances on the podcast, whether terrifyingly drunk or mind-bendingly sober and will it be third time, unwired? Well it's Tony, so obviously not. Plus the differences between comedians in for the long haul and those hoping for fame, the craziness of Canadian comics, trying to put your children off performing and the acts creating unique shows full of risk. And how does he feel about turning 50? It's good to be back.

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