RHLSTP | Richard Herring

No Such Thing As A Fish

24 July 2019

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Are There Any Female Cuttlefish Here?

It's the end of the run at the Leicester Square Theatre and time to find out if Richard can fit into his suit from 5 years ago, as he promised. His guests are the Uber-nerds Anna, Dan, Andrew and James from the insanely popular No Such Thing As A Fish podcast.

Find out what obscure facts they have about each other, whether sneaky brains or beauty is more important, their similarity to the X Men, whether holding in wee can kill you, why you don't see cavemen ghosts and how podcasting has conquered the world (for some of us). Plus sexual superpowers, dreaming octopuses and horses in whale farts. It's a rip roaring finale for this 18 very separate weeks at the theatre, but podcasts are now coming to you, so please support all of us on tour if you can.