RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Nicholas Parsons

3 July 2019

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An Alligator Named Daisy

Richard has been dreaming about the Wiggles and one of them has been tweeting him. But is it Emma? Richard's guest is the showbiz legend, 75 years in the business and no sign of stopping yet, Nicholas Parsons.

Although Nicholas is a bit annoyed about some cab based confusion on the way here, he is as masterful and witty on stage as ever, recounting tales of Just A Minute and Sale of the Century, but also talking about working on Clydebank in the 1940s, his film work with Jerry Lewis and an alligator, why he only appeared in on one Carry On film, his work and break up with Arthur Haynes (and who Ed Sullivan thought was best) and dressing up for the Rocky Horror Show.

Also working with Rik and Ade on the Comic Strip and how the show must go on even after a blow to the head. But in the new Herring and Parsons double act, who is the straight man and is he getting too many laughs? WARNING Nicholas Parsons SWEARS!