RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Les Dennis

29 May 2019

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If it's up there...

Happily-married Rich meets a man who works in a castle and the woman he has found love with, before introducing the legend that is Les Dennis. They talk about a mysterious spate of Norfolk-based graffiti, both types of dying on stage, the strange dynamics of a double act, living your private life out in public, getting tax advice from Ken Dodd and how go survive in showbusiness for half a century and counting. There are stories of the great comedians of the past and a heartwarming story of overcoming tragedy and heartbreak to come out stronger and a career that includes The Comedians, game shows, soaps and the RSC.

It's a truly remarkable and inspiring podcast from one of the loveliest men in the world who isn't afraid to laugh at himself and make the jokes harsher than even Ricky Gervais can manage.